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Ready to plunge into the abyss?

Cursed demon hunter Zilzina Hylian finds herself in the most unlikely of situations: escorting a cambion, half-demon, girl across the wintry continent of Frigia. There is a secret held within the girl’s blood, however, and the relentless hunger of the abyss drives hellspawn flocking after them. Armed with silver and dark magic, Zilzina vows to protect the girl while dealing with her own curse…

Submit. Repent. Obey.

An Empty Embrace invites you into a chilling narrative of queer love entwined with sinister intentions, where the lines between devotion and obsession blur. Will Celest's purity shine through the darkness, or will the vampire's twisted desires ensnare his heart in an empty embrace?

Spicy! - Bonus Content: A Forbidden Desire
Bonus Content: Everlight Citadel

“This is the Empire. This is what I am up against.”

Since learning the truth surrounding her birth, Sulwyn vowed to be the voice for those her parents silenced, but when she is unexpectedly betrayed and trapped under their thumb, she must survive by playing their deadly game, pretending to embrace her parents’ tyranny while fighting to fix the rot they created.

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