“This is the Empire. This is what I am up against.”

Since learning the truth surrounding her birth, Sulwyn vowed to be the voice for those her parents silenced, but when she is unexpectedly betrayed and trapped under their thumb, she must survive by playing their deadly game, pretending to embrace her parents’ tyranny while fighting to fix the rot they created.

Sulwyn has never met her parents, the King and Queen of the Empire. She knows them only as the despots who drowned the previous High City in blood and rose to power, leading with carnage, demanding obedience, and leaving her to die at birth.

However, killing the King and Queen will not be enough. Unbeknownst to all, another enemy lurks in the shadows, pulling the strings that place the key players center stage.

Between two handsome men, each with unique powers and plenty of secrets, who can she trust?

Has Sulwyn become a pawn in an even more dangerous game? 

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