Submit. Repent. Obey.

These words echo through the life of Celest, a devoted cleric raised under the watchful eye of the goddess of the sun. His journey, alongside Sable, the cunning halfling witch, and Viktor, the stalwart half-orc warrior, leads them into the heart of a city forgotten by time and light.

In this rain-drenched citadel of shadows, they encounter a family ensnared by dread, haunted by a nocturnal predator whose thirst knows no bounds. This entity of the night, with his enthralling beauty and seductive charm, sets his sights on the compassionate Celest, embarking on a dark quest to capture the cleric's heart.

"An Empty Embrace" invites you into a chilling narrative of queer love entwined with sinister intentions, where the lines between devotion and obsession blur. Will Celest's purity shine through the darkness, or will the vampire's twisted desires ensnare his heart in an empty embrace?

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